Get sick in 2008

We like making friends. Here at UNKL HQ, we enjoy meeting people that would be great to partner with because we respect their work or what they are contributing creatively, musically or intellectually to the world. Most times, partnerships are clear; other times, they are a big longshot.

Like in the case of Mike Patton. We’ve been fans of Patton’s bands, record label and ability to look good in a hairnet for years now. So, on a whim, we sent him a package of our toy and a note gently suggesting that we work together. Little did we think that he’d actually jump at the chance to make toys.

Not only did he and co-owner of Ipecac Recordings, Greg Werckman, jump at the chance to make toys, but they wanted to make one for every month in 2008.

So here they are: the Ipecac + UNKL Series. Twelve months of UNKL-designed releases that nod to Ipecac Recordings catalog of stellar bands. We’ll kick the series off in January 2008 with our Ipecac-branded UniPo, followed in February by the release of the Tomahawk UniPo, a mini-Patton with a real hairnet. You can get a first look at those above, and we’ll update here with more figures as they come in.

Here’s how the rest of the year breaks down:

March: Isis

April: The Melvins

May: Northern State

June: Goon Moon

July: QUI

August: Desert Sessions

September: Fantomas

October: Unsane

November: Dalek

December: Peeping Tom

We’ll have a limited number of each available every month right here on our site.

Suddenly, UniPo is rocking a lot harder than it used to. And that’s the way we like it.