Get your UNKL tees online at:

Even a style in there for the ladies. More in the works too…


If you’ll be in San Deigo for Comic Con, come see the latest UNKL stuff at SDCC Booth number 3229. Since we’re in with Toynami, that’s where you’ll find us. UNKL co-founder Jason Bacon will be on-site, so stop by and say “hi.” That’s the place where you can also get your hands on the latest SDCC Exclusive 6″ Hazmapo. He’s looking tough, so go snatch one up. We’ll also have new items on display, pre-launch, so check those out too.

Even More Facebook!

We’ve expanded our Facebook presence even more now!

Visit the UNKL page and “like” us or go to the Unkl Hazmapo page and request to be our friend. Both pages are a great way to keep updated on what we’re up to in the UNKL world. So, come visit us on Facebook. We’ll keep the light on for you…(apologies to Tom Bodett)

Even More Facebook!

We’ve expanded our Facebook presence even more now!

Visit the UNKL page and “like” us or go to the Unkl Hazmapo page and request to be our friend. Both pages are a great way to keep updated on what we’re up to in the UNKL world. So, come visit us on Facebook. We’ll keep the light on for you…(apologies to Tom Bodett)

Even More Facebook!

We’ve expanded our Facebook presence even more now!

Visit the UNKL page and “like” us or go to the Unkl Hazmapo page and request to be our friend. Both pages are a great way to keep updated on what we’re up to in the UNKL world. So, come visit us on Facebook. We’ll keep the light opn for you…

UNKL is on FaceBook now!

We at UNKL decided to join the modern age and get our own FaceBook page, so come visit us and become a fan. It’s the best place to get all the latest poop on all things UNKL:


UNKL is on FaceBook now!

We at UNKL decided to join the modern age and get our own FaceBook page, so come visit us and become a fan. It’s the bext place to get all the latest poop on all things UNKL:


UNKL is on FaceBook now!

We at UNKL decided to join the modern age and get our own FaceBook page, so come visit us and become a fan. It’s the bext place to get all the latest poop on all things UNKL:


UNKL is on FaceBook now!

We at UNKL decided to join the modern age and get our own FaceBook page, so come visit us and become a fan. It’s the bext place to get all the lat


Sorry for the update delays, but here’s latest poop…At UNKL, we’ve always been about creating the goods. Over the years we’ve decided to continue focusing on the creative aspects while letting the experts focus on the business. So, Along with our licensing partners, New York’s Licensing Street, we have teamed up with Toynami for toy manufacturing and Fifth Sun for apparel. There are already some things cooking that are looking killer. Stay tuned for new stuff…


Sorry for the update delays, but here’s latest poop…At UNKL, we’ve always been about creating the goods. Over the years we’ve decided to continue focusing on the creative aspects while letting the experts focus on the business. So, Along with our licensing partners, New York’s Licensing Street, we have teamed up with Toynami for toy manufacturing and Fifth Sun for apparel. There are already some things cooking that are looking killer. Stay tuned for new stuff…


Sorry for the update delays, but here’s latest poop…At UNKL, we’ve always been about creating the goods. Over the years we’ve decided to continue focusing on the creative aspects while letting the experts focus on the business. So, Along with our licensing partners, New York’s Licensing Street, we have teamed up with Toynami for toy manufacturing and Fifth Sun for apparel. There are already some things cooking that are looking killer. Stay tuned for new stuff…


Sorry for the updatedelays, but here’s latest poop…At UNKL, we’ve always been about creating the goods. Over the years we’ve decided to continue focusing on the creative aspects while letting the experts focus on the business. So, Along with Licensing Street, our licensing partners, we have teamed up with Toynami for toy manufacturing and Fifth Sun for apparel. There are already some things cooking that are looking killer. Stay tuned for new stuff…

What the “H” is going on over at UNKL?

Here’s the thing…We’ve been busy. Lots in the works. Things move more slowly than they used to, but there’s a reason. We won’t say what the reason is, but you’ll know soon. Here’s a hint: If you attend Magic in Vegas, you may be able to figure it out. Who can say? Well, we could say, but we won’t.

What the “H” is going on over at UNKL?

Here’s the thing…We’ve been busy. Lots in the works. Things move more slowly than they used to, but there’s a reason. We won’t say what the reason is, but you’ll know soon. Here’s a hint: If you attend Magic in Vegas, you may be able to figure it out. WHo can


Some of you may remember our last sidewalk sale. Some of you may not. Either way, we’re having another one. Here at UNKL HQ we have quite a collection of odds and ends. Some figures are gently damaged and some have been put through the ringer.
We have deals galore with this sale, so come on down to UNKL HQ and check it out.
Thursday, November 19, 10am – 4:30pm and Friday, November 20, 10am – 7pm out front of UNKL at 600 NW Naito Pkwy, Suite F right here in Portland, Oregon 97225.
Last time around we had people calling wanting to know what was available and some who also wanted us to ship to them. That’s a NO GO this time around. Must be present to win…that is to say, you gotta be here to get the deals.
Hope to see you there!


Some of you may remember our last sidewalk sale. Some of you may not. Either way, we’re having another one. Here at UNKL HQ we have quite a collection of odds and ends. Some figures are gently damaged and some have been put through the ringer.
We have deals galore with this sale, so come on down to UNKL HQ and check it out.
Thursday, November 19, 10am – 4:30pm and Friday, November 20, 10am – 7pm out front of UNKL at 600 NW Naito Pkwy, Suite F right here in Portland, Oregon 97225.
Last time around we had people calling wanting to know what was available and some who also wanted us to ship to them. That’s a NO GO this time around. Must be present to win…that is to say, you gotta be here to get the deals.
Hope to see you there!


Some of you may remember our last sidewalk sale. Some of you may not. Either way, we’re having another one. Here at UNKL HQ we have quite a collection of odds and ends. Some figures are gently damaged and some have been put through the ringer.
We have deals galore with this sale, so come on down to UNKL HQ and check it out.
Thursday, November 19, 10am – 4:30pm and Friday, November 20, 10am – 7pm out front of UNKL at 600 NW Naito Pkwy, Suite F right here in Portland, Oregon 97225.
Last time around we had people calling wanting to know what was available and some who also wanted us to ship to them. That’s a NO GO this time around. Must be pres


Here’s a bunch of stuff we’ve created, but most of it’s SOLD OUT.
Check the “SHOP” page for things you can actually purchase. Seriously, check it out. Unless, you’re afraid…



Here’s a bunch of stuff we’ve created, but most of it’s SOLD OUT.
Check the “SHOP” page for things you can actually purchase. Seriously, check it out. Unless, you’re afraid…




























































































































































































































































































































Here’s a bunch of stuff we’ve created, but most of it’s SOLD OUT.
Check the “SHOP” page for things you can actually purchase. Seriously, check it out. Unless, you’re afraid…





New Figs

Some of you out there in UNKL-land have wondered what we’ve been up to. The short answer is that we’ve been up to alot. We have so many quality things in the hopper, we can’t wait to share them all with you. One thing we will mention is that one of our latest creations, “The Dad-Gummit Blobs” are being developed into…Well, we’re not going to say exactly – We can’t tip the hat just yet. But when we let the kitty out of the burlap, you guys will be the first to know. Stay tuned for more updates and posts.Dad Gummit Blob!

New Figs

Some of you out there in UNKL-land have wondered what we’ve been up to. The short answer is that we’ve been up to alot. We have so many quality things in the hopper, we can’t wait to share them all with you. One thing we will mention is that one of our latest creations, “The Dad-Gummit Blobs” are being developed into…Well, we’re not going to say exactly – We can’t tip the hat just yet. But when we let the kitty out of the burlap, you guys will be the first to know. Stay tuned for more updates and posts.Dad Gummit Blob!

Dad Gummit Blob!

DIAMOND LIARS Record Release Show

The first release on UNKL Records by Portland’s own DIAMOND LIARS will hit the streets Friday, March 20th. Come out to the big show at Rotture to see the boys kill it live! The event is cosponsored by UNKL (of course), Compound Gallery, Thee Creamery and Hank.diamondliars2_blog.jpg






Dogwood Skatepark

Layin’ the pipe down UNKL-style!UNKL has a new halfpipe in the backyard just in time for the rainy season here in the Northwest…let’s just hope the crick don’t rise and flood ‘er. 

Layin’ the pipe down UNKL-style!

Want a hint?

Just a lil’ hint on what’s hap’nin’ that’s bigdc_sug_blog.jpg


What’s new???

dw_blog.jpgWouldn’t you like to know?Well, actually we reckon you would like to know, so here’s the dealio…something big is on the horizon. HUGE!What? Huge? What is it? We can’t say at this time, but you’ll be the first to know…after us, that is.

Farewell Thee, Bloodshed

Well, it’s been a good run. Two years (almost). But with all the hackling over Lufthansa and all it was time to move on. So here’s to you, shooter of scoped rifles or trench guns. And here’s a fine farewell to you, the bloodiest of shedders.


Okay, okay. We’ve kept you waiting long enough. Behold! UNKL’s SDCC release schedule!!!



Booth #4533


**All releases go on sale when doors open**


Thursday, July 24


SUG H60 – two colorways

- Green (350 produced) – $80

- Blue (150 produced) – $100


UlliGUS H60 – two colorways

- Green (350 produced) – $40

- Blue (150 produced) – $60


Friday, July 25


MaK.Po Green (400 produced) – $150

MaK.Po Orange (100 produced) – $200


Saturday, July 26

HazMaPo Fallen Series (250 of three produced) – $20 each

Secret SDCC exclusive (only 100)!


So that’s how the cookie is crumblin’ this year. Anybody have any questions? Drop us a line at leah@unklbrand.com 

Northern State/Ipecac #5

Only a few left of the Northern State UniPo – get ‘er before she’s gone!  

15 days and counting

Tick tick tick.

Say hi…


That’s right, campers – they’ve arrived. April 4. UNKLbrand.com. 10 AM PST. Defcon SUG II in purple and brown (brown colorway will only be available through UNKL’s site, and will not be in our retail outlets).  

Will we see you there?


Ipecac on sale dates, April – December

We know, we know. The dates have been hard to pin down on the Ipecac releases on our site – though we swear we told everyone it was the first business day of each month (March excluded). So, we thought we’d list them out clearly – just so everyone knows for sure when these little suckers will be on our site.  

April (The Melvins) – Tuesday, April 1 at 10 am PST

May (Northern State) – Thursday, May 1 at 10 am PST

June (Goon Moon) – Monday, June 2 at 10 am PST

July (Qui) – Tuesday, July 1 at 10 am PST

August (Desert Sessions) – Friday, August 1 at 10 am PST

September (Fantomas) – Monday, September 1 at 10 am PST

October (Unsane) – Wednesday October 1 at 10 am PST

November (Dalek) – Monday, November 3 at 10 am PST

December (Peeping Tom) – Monday, December 1 at 10 am PST

Questions? Write me: leah at unkl brand dot com 

First ever fan-designed UniPo!

Finally, huh? We’re very proud to announce that UNKL’s first ever fan-designed figures are on sale NOW in our webstore! You might remember the little Design Your Own UniPo contest that we held this time last year, right? These four figures are the winning designs. Crafted with love by Peter Creten (Belgium), Tummie Design (Netherlands), Scott Rench (Chicago, USA) and Rultron (Spain), and brought to you happily by UNKL. Geez, that was like a 15 month pregnancy or something. 

44 Inches of UNKL!

That’s right – UNKL’s making longboards. Well, Boardeli is, they just asked us to design one.With only FOUR of each board, these suckers are in high demand and will cost $200. The UniPoker inspired boards come with their very own UniPoker setd, in case you don’t have one already.These go on sale on March 1 on Boardeli’s site!


We’ve had a lot of people who’ve been asking how to get the Ipecac Series figures from us — so we figured we’d let everyone know here.

Each month, UNKL will release a handful of each figure to the public. And when we say handful, we really mean like 20 or so figures. The figures go live on our website on the first business day of each month at 10 am Pacific Standard Time.

March is an exception to that rule — we’re taking a couple days off. The Isis figure will go on sale on March 5 at 10 am PST

As for the Ipecac-branded figure and the Tomahawk figure that released in January and February: the answer is no. We don’t have any more. And we haven’t even seen any pop on eBay or the KidRobot forums, which means that people must REALLY like these.

Well, what’s not to like? 

SUG goes to Mongolia

Waaaay back in mid-2007, we got word of this funny thing called The Mongol Rally. Basically it’s a race from Hyde Park in London to somewhere in Mongolia, and crazy people from around the world all join together to drive really shitty cars from Point A to Point B. Whoever gets there first wins. And I don’t think they get anything for doing so. 

Through a friend of a friend of a friend, we got hooked up with “Mr. Dinosaur” – a Mongol Rally team who happened to need a sponsor. We didn’t have any money (really? weird!), so we offered to help decorate their car with an UNKL logo and a custom SUG. And they went for it.

So here are some photos of a custom SUG making it’s way across the nether-regions of Central Europe. After that the poor guy was stolen by a roving band of Mongolian children. Seriously.   So there you have it. 

Gentleman, start your engines.

uni_s5_cop_2.jpguni_s5_one_2.jpguni_s5_three_2.jpguni_s5_two_2.jpgThe fastest, most reckless of the UniPo bunch zoomed into our office yesterday afternoon: UniPo Series 5 – The Speed Demons! On sale now in the web store. Check ‘em out!

Ixnay on the New York Comic-Con-ay

With the overwhelming popularity of our upcoming MaKPo figure, we thought we’d give you plenty of notice that we’ve decided to not exhibit afterall at this year’s New York Comic-Con. While we had originally planned to be at the show and use it as a place to release a variant of MaKPo, the numbers are just not panning out for us. It’s far away, we’ve never done the show before and it’s too much of a risk to believe that we’d be as well received there as we are at Comic-Con International every year. Maybe we would, but maybe we wouldn’t. We’re a small operation, and sadly for our fans, every penny really does count. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the beginning of 2006 brings a lot of rad releases for us. First off will be UniPo Series 5: The Speed Demons, which will drop in February. See these little fellas? Three lead-feet and one copper:unipo_series5.jpgWe’ve also go SUG H60 in the works, set to come out in April May of 2008. Probably. Here’s a little teaser of those: sug_h60.jpg And of course we’ve got the long-awaited Fan Series UniPo coming out in early 2008, new HazMaPos, more SUGs … we could go on and on.  

Still want a subscription?



US customers: you’re in luck! One of our handy dandy retailers, Fugitive Toys is doing a subscription program for the Ipecac figures. Theirs are even more limited then ours, so if you want one you should hurry!

Ipecac Subscriptions: sold!

1153461273_bush_crying_baby-1.jpg  Our allotted number of Ipecac Toy Subscriptions sold out mid-afternoon yesterday, but fear not: we’ve set aside a small number that will only be available through our web store on the first day of each month. To be the most up to date on when they release, subscribe to our mailing list (on the bottom of the homepage) to get all the latest, most up to the minute UNKL news. 

Five lucky stores

Since our upcoming series with Ipecac Recordings is so limited, we were only able to allow FIVE of our retailers worldwide the opportunity to sell the entire set throughout ‘08. And the five we chose are:  

  • Fugitive Toys
  • Synthetic Compound in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do! in Austin, Texas
  • LUNA Music in Indianapolis
  • My Plastic Heart in New York 
  • Ipecac Subscriptions, yo!


    Apparently you’re excited.  After getting an onslaught of emails asking for a subscription program, we thought that idea wasn’t half bad. So here it is: Ipecac by UNKL Subscription For 100 bucks, you’ll get one of each of the twelve figures mailed to you each month AND a limited-edition “show poster” for each toy release, designed by UNKL. Cool, right? Yes. It sure is. 

    So you want some kicks?


    You may have heard about this little collaboration we’ve got going on with Adio Footwear. Yep, we hooked up with the skate company (only the one that boasts Tony Hawk, Bam Margera and Shawn White on it’s team … yeah, no biggie) on their yearly Limited Projects series. The UNKL shoe is a super sick brown, black and gold one, on Adio’s Drayton SL shoe. And it comes with a two-inch Adio UniPo. How cool is that?

    As far as we know, you can get them at the following stores. But you best be quick about it, son.

    Aqua Surf Shop (San Francisco) – 415/876.2782

    BC Surf & Sport (Coral Springs, Fla.) – 954/345.7528

    Bills Wheels (Santa Cruz) – 831/469.0904

    Cal Surf (Minneapolis) – 612/822.6840

    Cosmic (Lexington, Ky.) – 859/260.1125

    Crooks Skate Shop (El Paso, Texas) – 915/775.0493

    Get Wet (Evansville, Tenn.) – 812/477.5004

    Index Skateboard Supply (Hurst, Texas) – 817/282.9777

    MIA Skateboarding Inc. (Miami Beach) – 786/621.3511

    MIA Skatepark (Doral, Fla.) – 305/599.2172

    Skatepark of Tampa (Tampa, Fla.) – 813/621.6793

    Skates USA (Lake Worth, Fla.) – 561/964.2511

    Wear’s the Beach (Melbourne, Fla.) – 321/984.3984

    X Styles (Phillipsburg, N.J.) – 908/387.1711

    What the heck is up with Florida? You Floridians love your

    Sale on Nov. 16, silly.

    Whoops, we made a typo in our email to all y’alls. Hopefully you didn’t call all of your friends and tell them to shop today, because the sale doesn’t start until Friday. Friday, November 16th at 10 am PST. Hopefully you weren’t too confused.

    Give UNKL, Get Love


    We believe that to be true: if you buy UNKL for your friends and family, they’ll love you. Well, maybe they won’t — but I can tell you that we sure as hell will.

    And because we have so much love to give, we’re throwing a big fat sale starting on Friday, Nov. 16 at 10 am PST. You’ll see a little bit of every part of the UNKL family on sale — well, except me, Derek and Jason. You can’t afford these bods. I know, I’m sorry.

    So give the gift of UNKL this holiday season. Why not?

    NASCAR Texas style

    Our very own Derek Welch just got back from three and a half days of NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway. He’s showing some signs of life now that he’s had a couple of days of rest. Bet you guys didn’t know we were NASCAR junkies, did you? Anyway, here are some of pics from the big race on Sunday. Enjoy!

    Da pits.


    You might call him Derek, but we call him Lil Smokey.

    Loyal NASCAR fans.

    That’s Gordo, son.

    Throwin’ out NASCAR signs, yo.

    Get sick in 2008

    We like making friends. Here at UNKL HQ, we enjoy meeting people that would be great to partner with because we respect their work or what they are contributing creatively, musically or intellectually to the world. Most times, partnerships are clear; other times, they are a big longshot.

    Like in the case of Mike Patton. We’ve been fans of Patton’s bands, record label and ability to look good in a hairnet for years now. So, on a whim, we sent him a package of our toy and a note gently suggesting that we work together. Little did we think that he’d actually jump at the chance to make toys.

    Not only did he and co-owner of Ipecac Recordings, Greg Werckman, jump at the chance to make toys, but they wanted to make one for every month in 2008.

    So here they are: the Ipecac + UNKL Series. Twelve months of UNKL-designed releases that nod to Ipecac Recordings catalog of stellar bands. We’ll kick the series off in January 2008 with our Ipecac-branded UniPo, followed in February by the release of the Tomahawk UniPo, a mini-Patton with a real hairnet. You can get a first look at those above, and we’ll update here with more figures as they come in.

    Here’s how the rest of the year breaks down:

    March: Isis

    April: The Melvins

    May: Northern State

    June: Goon Moon

    July: QUI

    August: Desert Sessions

    September: Fantomas

    October: Unsane

    November: Dalek

    December: Peeping Tom

    We’ll have a limited number of each available every month right here on our site.

    Suddenly, UniPo is rocking a lot harder than it used to. And that’s the way we like it.

    Hey joker, it’s UniPoker!

    What’s this you say? Why, it’s UniPoker. This little ditty is available this holiday season right here on our site. For 30 bones (that’s $30, dude), you get this custom UniPoker tin, a deck of cards designed by UNKL and two of four royal UniPos. The four figures (King, Queen, Jack, Joker) will be packed into the tins randomly, so you’ll have to choose your UniPoker set carefully, or trade figures with your friends.

    Watch for these little guys on our site in late November.

    UNKL gets shot

    Shot by electrons, to be more specific.

    After the massive recall of many mainstream toys manufactured in China due to lead content, we figured we’d better be safe and test our little vinyl buddies as well. Our friend Chris at the University of Oregon hooked us up with the CAMCOR Electron Microscopy Facility there at the University, and told us that would be the best way for us to check for any lead content in the paint used on our toys.

    After amputating a few TinPo and UniPo limbs, a couple of hours of shooting electrons through them and testing how well we’ve retained the Table of Periodic Elements, we’re happy to say our toys are lead free. Pb-free.

    Yay for us.

    Skull + gas mask = metal

    Check it out: we just added a few of the radical Skull gasmask shirts that we had at San Diego Comic-Con this year to our webstore! The white print is the guy’s shirt, and the blue one is for the lady-folk. There are only a few, so if you want one, you best be quick.

    Also, back by popular demand (or a few email requests), our UNKL sweatshirts and beanies are up in the store. Holla!

    Peep show

    It’s just so hard not to tease you a little more.

    TinPo Goes Nationwide

    TinPo CBS

    Keep your eyes peeled: TinPo gets their on-screen debut on Saturday, September 15 during CBS Saturday Morning Cartoons. Wake up early, park your little ones in front of the tube and wait for TinPo. They’re lookin’ better than ever. At least in 30 second intervals…

    You wanna roll these bones?

    Skull UniPos

    Meet the Skull series. Go ahead, say hi.

    We decided to make more of our little friend from the fourth series of UniPo after so many people told us how much they loved the first little guy. Voila. Here they are.

    The pink version will be limited to 200 pieces and will only be available through our website. The metallic silver fella will be limited to 500 pieces, and you’ll find him at various retailers and also on our site.

    Take him home in late October. Boo.

    Thar she blows


    It’s been long over a year since we first sent our ideas for MaK Po into our manufacturer. Long time, right? But it was worth the wait. We got the first MaK Po sample in the mail today, and we couldn’t stop playing with it. Wiggling the arms. Opening and re-opening the hatch. Changing out the weapons. So I guess if we love it, you’re gonna crap your pants when you see it.

    We’re pushing for New York Comic-Con, but lets not get too excited.

    Hey Fritz!

    Princess Bloodshed ruled St. Mere Eglise today.


    Yeahhhhh. We are simultaneously confused and fascinated by Thunderbirds. Marionettes? In space? Seriously?

    SDCC 07 Releases

    A little bit of UNKL, every day of the Con at 10 am – or whenever it opens. Check it:

    Wednesday Defcon SUG, Blank UniPo 6”, Blank SUGs
    Thursday Wilco Six-Pack by UNKL
    Friday Limited Edition Urban Recovery SUG & Ulligus, Search & Rescue SUG & Ulligus
    Saturday Limited Edition SDCC 07 HazMaPo, HazMaPo Series B 1.3: The Carbon Series.

    See you in San Di-ah-go.

    Yak About Us, We Don’t Mind

    The fine folks over at KidRobot have given UNKL its very own Artist Forum on their site alongside Frank Kozik, Dalek, Pete Fowler and more! Read about all things UNKL from your fellow friends and fans, and ask any questions over there that you might have.

    Peep it here

    UniPo: Newest Member of Wilco

    We were stoked to see that our series 4 six-inch UniPo figure has made his on-stage debut with Wilco! Check out this Wilco fans clever picture of the little guy.

    Blue Lu Is Back!

    Holy heck! We’ve got a whole box of Series B1 Blue HazMaPos that we just found! Remember Blue Lu? She wants you to feed her some kolaches and tuck her in at night. Is that so much to ask? Pick her up here.



    UNKL fans, meet UlliGUS. UlliGUS, meet the fans. Go ahead – hug if you want to. Ulli will be making her big debut at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. She’s SUG’s new friend, and a real good pup. She’ll come in two colorways – a super-super limited 40 Urban Recovery (yellow & black) and also in Search & Rescue colors (orange & black).

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