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Characters - SUG/UlliGUS

In 1955 SUG was born in a remote part of Iceland. He weighed in at 40lbs and was an astounding 43" long. Today, SUG is 7'7" and weighs 655lbs and continues to base his operations out of the remote moonlike landscape of northern Iceland.


As a self-proclaimed protector of humanity, SUG's mission is very simple: to assist people of the world who are in desperate need of help.

He has no affiliation with any one government and is not concerned with the politics of his actions, but rather views his role in global, historical and human terms. His privately funded aid expeditions take him into war-torn regions, toxic atmospheres and other inhospitable or dangerous conditions.


SUG created UlliGUS not only for companionship, but also to assist him with tasks ranging from reconnaissance to tracking. He's always creating new beings to help the cause, so keep your eyes peeled for more characters appearing here and there within the SUG family.



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